The team here for BioShock Marathon is dedicated to doing almost anything (within reason) to help raise money for Child’s Play Charity. We don’t only play Mass Effect, but we will also sing, dance and just embarrass ourselves for your entertainment. If it means that you’ll donate to such a wonderful cause, then we are willing to perform great challenges of hilarity for you live on our Webcast.

To give you an idea about what we are prepared to do, here is an À La Carte Menu of challenges that you can choose from. The process is simple. Tell us what you would like us to do, either in Chat, Facebook, Twitter, or Email and how much you are willing to donate to Child’s Play Charity. If you are willing to donate enough and we accept your offer, all we ask is you donate to Child’s Play using the Donation widget on the right hand side of the page, and once we confirm you have donated we’ll perform for you!

Slot Machine of Insanity | Feats of Strength | Songs | Dances | Playing Challenges

Slot Machine of Insanity

During BioShock Marathon, for every $250 we raise, we will spin the Slot Machine.  Each reel of the slot machine has a different purpose.  First reel determines whom must participate, second reel determines what we will actually do, and third reel gives us a random modifier that has to be incorporated.  Once it is spun, our team will figure out a challenge utilizing all of the determined factors  Use the table below at home to figure out how it all works!

  • Once BioShock Marathon begins, for every $250 we raise, we must spin the Slot Machine.
  • If and when we raise $10,000 total, the amount for a spin will be lowered to $100.
What it all means
Who Participates What to do Modifiers

All the girls!

Sing a song!

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat must be involved

All the boys!

Night at the Roxbury
What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me.

Silly Hats
Embarrass your head

Current Player
Current Player must be involved

Challenge must include food

Strike a pose while performing

Entire Group
All of us!

Bust a move!

Put stickers all over your body

Pick 1
Chat chooses their favorite person!

Game Related
Challenge must take place in the game.


Pick 2
Chat chooses 2 people

Chat asks a question


Pick 3
Chat chooses 3 people

Impersonate & Narrate the gameplay

Nic Cage
Must involve our greatest national treasure

The B-Team
Must have a member of the B-Team

Time Travel
We have to go backwards!

Those involved can only say their name

Katie V
She plans this entire shindig!

Fist Pump
We pump our fists, not our gas

Dinosaurs must be invovled

Joey V
Our fearless leader!

Sing a song!

Fluffy Bunny
You eat those marshmallows!

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Feats of Strength

These are things that could be intimidating to other people out there in the world, but if you are willing to donate enough money to Child’s Play Charity, then we are willing to perform them! Eating gross items, getting punched, getting smacked across the face, and other feats of strength could be performed if you are willing to be generous. There’s not much we won’t do, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Bean Boozeled Taste Test $5,000 Donated within 24 hours. Cut off, Saturday March 1, 2014 @ 12:01 PM ET
    • Players will have to eat Bean Boozeled Jelly Beans blindly, or we will spin the wheel of gross. If you donate more, you can make certain players eat specific or multiple jelly beans. Please check out the full Flavor Guide for more info.
    • This is a challenge where we have to raise $5,000 within the first full day of us playing. This does not take our starting total into account. So if we receive $5,000 worth of donations in the first 24 hours of the marathon, we’ll take on this task on Saturday afternoon / evening.

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Basic rule of thumb is for every $5 donated, we will add another person to the song. Put up $50, then 10 people will sing! Other songs may cost more due to being a bit more complex.  Here are a few suggestions for songs that we just love to sing.

      • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
      • Billy Joel – Piano Man
      • Das Raciest – Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
      • Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
      • Weird Al Yankovic – Albuquerque
      • Will Smith – Wild Wild West
      • MC Frontalot – Goth Girls
      • GLaDOS – Still Alive
      • GLaDOS – Want You Gone
      • Plants vs Zombies – There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn
      • Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey
      • Jonathan Coulton – Skullcrusher Mountain
      • Mika – Lollipop

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Basic rule of thumb is for every $5 donated, we will add another person to the dance. Put up $50, then 10 people will dance! Other dances may cost more due to being a bit more complex.  Here are a few suggestions for you!

      • Numa Numa
      • Macarena
      • Saturday Night Fever
      • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
      • Teach Me How To Dougie
      • Gangnam Style

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Playing Challenges

Here are some of the in-game player challenges we are willing to do for donations. Easy things like choosing our weapons or plasmid / vigor loadouts, are usually about $10. Other challenges though require a lot more effort and coordination, and as such will be a bit more expensive. Be sure to let us know in chat what you would like to see and we’ll try and make it work!

      • Choose our Weapon– $10
      • Choose our Plasmids / Vigors – $10
      • Only Guns – $10
      • Play upside down – $25
      • Play without glasses – $25
      • Share the Controller with Backup Player – $10
      • Only Plasmids / Vigors – $25
      • BaDeWitt (ignore Elizabeth’s help) – $25
      • The Gunslinger (pistol only) – $25
      • Hobo With Pride (No Looting, Only Shotgun) – $25
      • Plumber Style (Melee only) – $25
      • Exorcist Style (Mind Control only) – $50
      • Mirror Mode – $100
      • Blindfolded – $100

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