kenKen Levine

Creative Director for BioShock & BioShock Infinite

Friday, February 28th @ 3:00 PM ET

We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with Ken Levine during BioShock Marathon!

Ken has been working in the games industry since 1998 when he worked on Thief: The Dark Project.  Since then he has contributed to games like System Shock 2, Freedom Force, SWAT 4, and of course the BioShock series.  He is currently working on finishing up the Burial at Sea DLC as well as a screenplay for a new film version of Logan’s Run.

During our interview we’re going to talk about his work on helping to create and craft the BioShock universe.  Topics will include his influences, writing process, and what it’s like to go from Rapture to Columbia back to Rapture.  If time permits, we’ll even take a few questions from the chat.

You won’t want to miss this so be sure to clear out your schedule!

courtneeCourtnee Draper

Voice Actress of Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite

Friday, February 28th @ 5:30 PM ET

Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite is an absolutely wonderful character.  Through the course of the game we get a chance to watch her grow from a naive woman held in captivity, to a someone that has seen so much of the world and is forever changed by it.  That’s a very hard arc to pull off for an actor, but Courtnee Draper was able to pull it off exceptionally well.  Her portrayal of Elizabeth was off the charts amazing, and is a huge factor as to why so many love Infinite.

So imagine our surprise when we found out that we would get a chance to talk with her live during the marathon!  We’ll be asking her questions about Law School, working with Troy Baker & Ken Levine, and what some of her favorite parts of Infinite were.

For all those in the chat room during this time, we’ll be sure to open up the floor to any questions you may have as well.

jamieJamie Dillion

Program Coordinator & Developer for Child’s Play Charity

Friday, February 28th @ 7:00 PM ET

Jamie is one of the nicest and coolest people you will ever meet.  She is currently the Program Coordinator at Child’s Play Charity and she is going to join us during the marathon to tell you about all the wonderful things that your donations go towards!

As we will tell you over and over again during the weekend, Child’s Play provides video games, toys, books and so much more to children’s hospitals and domestic violence shelters all over the world.  Jamie does a ton of work to support the charity but the cliff notes version is that she supports community events like our own, and organizes a golf outing and auction dinner every year.  Her tireless effort helps Child’s Play really make a difference.

She’s also an avid gamer, excellent at sewing, fantastic dancer, a sometimes spiller of drinks, and lover of all Corgis everywhere.


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